If you or someone you know needs meals, please call the Food Bank Hotline: 773-657-9800. 

About Us 

Established in 2015, Bubby Fira’s Food Bank fills a great need in Chicago and its urban neighborhoods.

We proudly partner with Maot Chitim of Greater Chicago. 

For several hundred impoverished senior immigrants, the fresh hot challah they get delivered every Friday is the highlight of their week. But Challah alone is not always the answer for the countless others who would not have anything to celebrate Shabbat with, if not for the homecooked Shabbat dinners that get delivered to their doorsteps.

Many families have fallen on hard times, struggling in silence. They do not know how to get food on the table to feed their hungry kids. Imagine their relief when they find out about the food bank. They suddenly receive fresh, warm meals, delivered daily by dedicated volunteers, prepared with a love that is palpable. Special care is given to make the deliveries in a discreet manner, allowing for utmost respect and privacy.

The staples that are a given in most households, are hard to be found in some others. Imagine opening your pantry door, only to be greeted by bare shelves. This is a reality in, sadly, way too many homes. Bubby Fira’s Food Pantry alleviates that problem by offering basic household necessities that go a long way in making people be well taken care of.

In name of our immobile elderly citizens, heroic Holocaust survivors, recently unemployed breadwinners, disabled heads of households, and young children growing up in poverty – we thank you for your continued assistance in making Bubby Fira’s Food Bank the place they can count on.

Our Name

Bubby Fira’s Food Bank is dedicated to the memory of Mrs. Fira Gershengorin, by her loving grandchildren, Mr. and Mrs. Morris & Marina Gershengorin.

Bubby Fira was a very proud, strong Jew and big advocate of Tzedakah, who always made sure that people were fed.